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730 W. 4th, PO Box 1651, Hutchinson, KS

Lysle Rishel Post 68

American Legion Lysle Rishel Post 68 

2018 Dec E-Newsletter

The end of the year has come quickly. I hope everyone is ready to forge ahead to a new year. With the New Year comes a new Legion project. We have started taking donations and are working on raising funds to purchase a new digital marquee outside. The last major upgrade to the building was heating and air units several years ago and our members and local business came through in a big, big way. In order to meet our mission this time we again are asking our like minded members and local business’.  We believe if we want the Legion to continue to grow and be here to serve our Veterans and members, then we must also grow to meet the times. We believe a digital marquee will help in doing that. We do have pictures of the final project available in the office and it can also be seen on the digital media boards inside the Legion.  

The NJCAA committee is looking for members to fill a few vacant positions on several different committees’ for the tournament. If you have been interested in the past, now is your chance to get involved. Please get ahold of Jerry Ricksecker at Jerry.ricksecker@martindell.comor call him at 620-200-2001

We will not have a Post meeting in December on the 24th. There will be no bingo Tuesday December 25th, also no Bingo Tuesday January 1, 2019.

If anybody has questions, comments, or complaints then please don’t hesitate to call, my number is 620-899-0010. My phone is always on and I’m always willing to talk. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I would like to thank each and every one of our members, this has been a great year and our Legionnaires make it possible. I am very proud to belong to Post 68, I hope you all are too! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!




Christmas Season is here and we are all very busy with family and friends.  Please do not forget our troops who are deployed and away from home.  We have some addresses of troops and can get more if needed if you would like to mail cards to them.  This also applies to our veterans in the VA hospitals.  If you want to send cards to the VA in Wichita, please bring them to the Post and I will see that they get there for you.  

A need for our kitchen is flatware.  If you have extra forks and spoons you want to get rid of, we could use them at the Legion Post for our dinners.  We have been purchasing these from the thrift stores in town when they have the flatware so we have enough for larger crowds. We prefer the all metal flatware over the ones with the plastic handles.  Dishwasher does not like them very well.

Put on your calendar Wednesday Dec 5, 2018 at 6:30 PMto help make cookies for the North Pole Children’s Christmas, writing Christmas cards for veterans to be sent to the VA and to Deployed troops, and making Christmas ornaments to send to the Department office in Topeka for their Christmas trees.  This should be a fun night, so come join in the fun.

Remember our shut-ins this time of year.  Call, visit or send cards to cheer them up.

The2019 membership duesbegan being taken on July 1, 2018 and are $28.00 for Senior dues and $5.00 for Junior dues.  Please get your 2019 dues paid before December 31, 2018 so you will not be considered delinquent.   You may do so by contacting Vicki Tracy, our membership chairperson at 620-664-1672 or mail to our post office box 1651, Hutchinson, Ks 67504-1651.

Continue to fulfill our mission and help grow the American Legion Auxiliary!

God bless our military and pray for our Nation!!

Edie Griffin, ALA Unit 68 President



Another year is about to wrap up, so I would like to say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year to everyone.  Not much going on with SAL this month as everyone is busy with family and friends this time of year.  I hope everyone has a safe holiday season, whether you are traveling to see family or family is traveling to see you, travel safe!!  See you all in 2019!!




Here we are in December already. Another year is almost history. Riding is quickly coming to an end, winter wants to come early. We do have some important dates in December. Operation Christmas ( Operation North Pole ) is Dec 7 and 8. ALR election of officers will take place at our Dec meeting, Dec 13. Nominations will be reopened at the meeting before elections. Please consider running for office. The ALR Christmas Party will be Dec 16 (Sun) at 6pm. There will be a potluck dinner and white elephant gift exchange, loads of fun. See you there. Have a Merry Christmas and Ride Safe.



Post New Members


Larry Whithorn

Richard Taylor


Post Everlasting


Rudolf M. Garcia

Charles F. Hayward

Dick Currie

Bill Grimes


December 2018














1  ALR Lunch -   Tostados

11:00 AM



3"Munchy Monday" in the Clubroom 4pm-7pm


Clubroom opens weekly @ 3pm Mon-Sat


4 Full Menu Clubroom

5:00 PM



6:00 PM



6  ALR Hamburger night

5:00 PM


7Free Veterans Breakfast (Kindred Hospice)

7:00 AM

Full Menu Clubroom

5:00 PM


6:00 PM


8 Karaoke in Clubroom 8pm- close


SAL Lunch: CFS 

11:00 AM



10Clubroom opens weekly @ 3pm Mon-Sat


"Munchy Monday" in the Clubroom 4pm-7pm


11 Full Menu Clubroom

5:00 PM



6:00 PM


12 E Board meeting

7:00 PM


13Auxiliary Open Menu night

5:00 PM


ALR Meeting (election)

7:30 PM


14 Full Menu Clubroom

5:00 PM



6:00 PM


15 NO SAT Lunch

11:00 AM


Chicken Night

5:00 PM



17"Munchy Monday" in the Clubroom 4pm-7pm

Clubroom opens weekly @ 3pm Mon-Sat


18 Full Menu Clubroom

5:00 PM



6:00 PM



20  SAL Hamburger night

5:30 PM


SAL Meeting 

7:00 PM


21  Full Menu Clubroom

5:00 PM



6:00 PM


22  Karaoke in Clubroom 8pm- close


Beef and Noodles 

11:00 AM



24Clubroom closing @ 6:00pm


No post meeting


25  No Bingo (Merry Christmas)


Clubroom closed



27 Legion HB Night

5:00 PM


28  Full Menu Clubroom

5:00 PM



6:00 PM


29 Taco Dinner

11:00 AM


30Kansas City Chiefs vs Oakland Raiders Potluck lunch in the Clubroom

11:30 AM


31 New Year's eve Party More INFO TBA










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