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730 W. 4th, PO Box 1651, Hutchinson, KS

Lysle Rishel Post 68


 Hutchinson American Legion Riders Officers For 2018

Director - John Harlow (Legion)    Asst. Director - John Montford (Legion)

Secretary - Sara Childs (Legion)  Treasurer - Kay Busby  (Auxiliary)

Sgt. at Arms:  Gene Mehl (Legion)  Sgt. at Arms: Mick Ellis (Legion)

Road Captain:  Bob Deister (Sons of the American Legion)   Road Captain - Dave Maxwell  (Legion)

Historian:  Kim Dick  (Auxiliary)    Chaplain:  Robert Childs (Legion)

District 7 ALR Chairman - Jeremy Ehart (Legion)


Once again, the Riders have been busy this month. There were numerous funerals and other events to attend. Sadly one of the funerals was for one of our own, Kenny Kahrs. We all lost a good friend that day.

Several of our Riders participated in the Kansas Legacy Ride. All reported having a really good time. The ride collected over $22,000 for the American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund. Thanks to those who rode and all who donated to this worthy fund.

By the time you read this, the new flagpole at Eastside Cemetery will have been dedicated. Thank You to all that helped make this possible. 

The Riders will be participating in July 4thParades in Hutchinson and Sterling again this year. Read your E-Mails for more details.

Thank You to all who participate in our Riders events. Hope to see more of you out there in the future.

Enjoy the ride. Keep the shiny side up.


May has been another busy month for the Legion Riders. Thank you to all who have shown up to honor veterans at their funerals and also to those who have volunteered to help out around the Post. It would be great if we had even bigger turnouts for funerals and work days. The weather has finally warmed up, so that is no longer a valid excuse.

Memorial Day is probably our busiest weekend of the year, but also one of the most rewarding. The new flagpole at Eastside Cemetery is almost done. Dedication of the flagpole will take place sometime in the near future.

June 7 the Kansas Legacy Ride will start from our Post. Several of our members will be participating in this ride. Plan on showing up to give them a big sendoff.  Help will probably be needed the night before, June 6, for some final registration. Watch your E-mails for more information.

July 4 we have already been invited to participate in one parade and will probably be signing up for at least one other. Watch your E-mails

Several of our members are having health issues. Some are healing, some are just beginning, and some are still waiting. Please keep all of them in your prayers.

Until next month, Ride Safe.

MAY Notes

The American Legion Riders have continued to stay busy.  It seems there is another funeral to attend every other day. It is sad to stop and think about how many Veterans we lose each day, but I am very proud of the Riders that show up to pay respect on those sad occasions. Thank You All.

We have lots of upcoming events.  

First, on May 5 there is a poker run starting at our Post. The 2ndAnnual Scooters Rally will begin registration at 8am with last bike out at 10am. This is a fundraiser to buy lifejackets to place at area lakes that can be loaned out to people that do not have one.

Second, on June 7 the Kansas Legacy run will start at our Post. Information is available on the Kansas ALR website and was printed on the front page of the April, May, June issue of the Sunflower Legionnaire.

Next of course, May brings us to Memorial Day. There will be lots of things to do that weekend, putting out small flags and raising the large flags at Eastside Cemetery, two programs on Monday, etc. The flagpole committee is working to have the new main flagpole installed at Eastside by Memorial weekend. They may need some help from some of us to get this done on time.

As always, keep all of our military and first responders in your prayers.

Get out and ride whenever possible, Summer is coming ( I just hope it falls on a weekend ).

April Notes

March has been a very busy month for the Legion Riders. The Honors and Escorts for SGT. Schoenecker spanned four days, and there have been two funerals with flag lines and escorts since then. I for one am very proud of everyone who showed up or helped in any way with all of these events. The families are always very grateful. To quote our SGT at ARMS Mick Ellis, “It’s what we do.”

As I write this, the NJCAA Tournament is still ahead of us. As usual LOTS of Riders have stepped up to help make this event run smoothly. Again THANK YOU. I know I say Thank You a lot, but without volunteers the Post would not be able to keep its doors open, so anytime you see a volunteer say Thank You.

There have already been several nice days this month so the full riding season is almost upon us. Time to kick the tires, check the oil and get to riding to wear off the cabin fever.  There will be lots to do this summer including a poker run, Kansas Legacy Run, and National Legacy Run that all begin at our Post.

Ride Safe and say a prayer for all of our active duty military members. 


Our Chili Feed was a success. Thank You to all who donated money, food items, and time to make this happen.

We still have numerous members that have not yet paid dues for 2018. Remember, when you pay your dues, an officer needs to verify your driver’s license, registration and insurance information.

March will be a busy month for the Post and the Riders. The NJCAA Tournament comes to town this month and it takes LOTS of people to make this happen. Please volunteer where you can. Remember that the Riders have volunteered to help run the parking lots. We need about six members per shift to do the work and we have lots of openings not filled. Please contact John Harlow to sign up to help. We are being paid to provide this service.

There are still plenty of the ALR 2018 Calendars for sale. Check with Kristy Ehart to purchase calendars. We need to sell several more just to break even.

Until next month, God Speed and Ride Safe.

February Notes

This is a slow time of year for Legion Riders, not many decent days to be out riding. That doesn’t mean we aren’t busy. We still attend and show support at any Veteran funeral when requested. We have recently assisted the Sterling Post with a couple of their funerals. Several of our members continue to volunteer with Bingo and other projects around the Post. Please make sure to say thank you to all who volunteer their time to keep the Post running.

Our Annual Chili Feed takes place Sunday Jan 28, 2018 11am to 2pm at the Post.

We have two new members that have moved back to the area and rejoined the Riders: Paul and Collette Scofield. Please welcome them back.

It is time to pay your Rider dues for 2018, $20 as usual. Remember that when you pay your dues one of the Officers must verify your Drivers License motorcycle endorsement, current motorcycle registration, and current motorcycle insurance coverage. For those who have already paid, 2018 membership cards will be at the meetings or in the ALR mailbox in the office.

Stay warm and Ride(drive) safe.

January Notes

Well, another year has come and gone. We give thanks for the safe completion of our many missions this past year and pray for continued safety in the coming year.

   It’s a sad time of year. The two wheelers are parked in garages and we are demoted to using four wheelers for our daily travel. Keep your fingers crossed for an early Spring.

   During our December Meeting we elected and installed officers for the 2018 Year. Officers for 2018 are as follows: Director-John Harlow, Assistant Director-John Montford, Secretary-Sara Childs, Treasurer-Kay Busby, Sgt at Arms- Gene Mehl and Mick Ellis, Ride Captains-Bob Deister  and Dave Maxwell. Please thank the officers who have completed their service terms this year and welcome and support the new officers that were volunteered to guide us through the coming year.

   Mark your Calendars for our Chili Feed Sunday Jan 28,2018 11am-2pm. See Kristy  if you are willing to donate supplies for this event.

   We have been given a clean slate with the new year ahead of us. Let’s strive to make the best of every day.

   RIDE (drive) SAFE !


The Holidays are upon us. Trunk or Treat in South Hutch was a great success. More surprises from that event later. Veterans Day has come and gone. I am encouraged that it seems each year there are more and more groups recognizing and supporting Veterans. Thank You to all individuals, organizations and schools who support our Veterans not only on Veterans Day but all year long.

As I write this, the Hutchinson Christmas Parade and Hutchinson Toy Run have not yet taken place. I pray for a fun and safe time for everyone participating in these events.

We have two new members in the last two months: Michael Haas and Donald Sawyer. Please make them feel welcome whenever you see them.

Nominations for officers for the year 2018 were opened during the November meeting. Voting for officers will take place at the December meeting December 14. We have one candidate for each office so far but nominations can be made at the December meeting. Anyone interested in running is encouraged to do so. It’s not very interesting with only one candidate for each office.

The ALR Christmas Party will be December 3, 2017  5:30pm(1730) at the Post. Bring a covered dish (with food) for dinner. White elephant gift exchange value $10-$15 will take place.

Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a safe HAPPY NEW YEAR, we want to see you all back as members next year.

November notes

The ALR State Rally in September was my first rally and a new experience for me. If you have the opportunity to attend one in the future, I encourage you to do so. Here are some bits of information from the rally. The 2018 Kansas Legacy Run will start from our Post 68. The 2018 and 2019 National Legacy Runs will start in Salina.

Big Red Turkey Run is Nov 18. This takes place on base at Fort Riley, so if you would like to help or participate, you need to apply early for clearance to enter the base. I believe they have about all of the food donations they need for this year. Monitory donations would be gladly accepted to help fill the gaps, and monitory donations can be carried over to help in future years.

Operation North Pole is Dec 8 and 9. This provides toys for children at Fort Riley. Check with officers for more information.

As I said last month, we will be taking nominations for officers for the 2018 year at our November meeting. Some of our officers have reached their term limits and others are stepping aside so there will be several openings to fill. Please consider running for office and help guide us into the future.

As always please keep our Troops, Veterans and First Responders in your prayers.

October Newsletter Notes

Where has the year gone to? Here I am writing the October newsletter already. It seems the older I get, the faster time flies.

Once again I want to remind everyone that SCHOOL is in session so be especially watchful in and around School Zones.

We had several events in September: Wal-Mart fundraiser, State Fair Motorcycle Ride and the State Rally. A big THANK YOU to all who organized , assisted and participated in these and all of our events. When you see one of our volunteers, say Thank You. Without them none of our Post activities would be possible.

Coming up on October 28 is Trunk-or-Treat in South Hutch. Watch your E-mails for more details later.

In November we will be starting to take nominations for ALR Officers to be elected in December. Some of our officers have reached their term limits and will be retiring. If you are at all interested in helping guide the ALR into the future please consider running for office. Don’t worry about not knowing what to do, outgoing officers are always willing to give advice.

Ride Safe.  Say a prayer for all of our Troops and First Responders. Always remember 9/11. 



September Newsletter Notes

Here we are going into Fall already, where did the year go? School has started and parents are rejoicing. It is time for all of us to be especially careful when traveling around schools. Watch out for the little ones, they don’t always remember to be careful.

As I write this, the Legacy Ride is closing in on Reno,Nv and the National Convention. Several of our members are preparing to depart for the rally in Cripple Creek. Ride safe everyone.

Aug 26 is the Poker Run Fundraiser for the Reno County Veterans Memorial. Details are on a flyer on the bulletin board at the Post.

September brings us the State Fair. The State Fair Motorcycle Ride will be Sunday Sept 10. More details will follow by E-mail. We will need members to help park bikes that day. Please contact me to volunteer, all shifts have openings.

September also brings us the State ALR Rally, Sept 22-24. There are some resolutions that will be voted on at the meeting on Sat. Copies of the resolutions were sent to all members by E-mail. Please read them over and be ready to voice an opinion at our Sept meeting, or contact myself or Kristy.

Until next month: Ride Safe. Say a special prayer for members dealing with health problems.


August Newsletter Notes 


July is a somewhat slow month for the Riders. We participated in the July 4 Parades in Hutchinson and Sterling. Plans for the Nickerson Klear Nearly Parade are in the works. Watch your E-mails.

Speaking of E-mails, if your E-mail address has changed please be sure to notify one of the Officers so that your new address can be updated in our files.

Please continue to keep track of all of your volunteer hours. I will be asking for them in Nov or Dec so they can be turned in to State and National.

Thanks for your service.July is a somewhat slow month for the Riders. We participated in the July 4 Parades in Hutchinson and Sterling. Plans for the Nickerson Klear Nearly Parade are in the works. Watch your E-mails.


Speaking of E-mails, if your E-mail address has changed please be sure to notify one of the Officers so that your new address can be updated in our files.

Please continue to keep track of all of your volunteer hours. I will be asking for them in Nov or Dec so they can be turned in to State and National.

Thanks for your service.

July Newsletter Notes


This has been a very busy month for the Riders. Thanks to all who turned out to lend a hand at all of the events. Memorial Day flag placements went very smoothly.  Several of our Riders participated in the Kansas Legacy Run and all had a great time. Perhaps more of us should consider riding in this very worthwhile run. We are deeply honored to be able to be a part of the repatriation ceremony for WW II pilot John Dean Armstrong. Being a part of these ceremonies is a very emotional experience.

Mak, Bruce, and Bud made the front page of the Hutch News this morning with their flag folding presentation at Mennonite Manor. Phil assisted Mak and Bruce with the flag folding at Brookdale. They and others have done these flag folding presentations at Rest Homes and Schools. These presentations have always been very well received. A special thanks to all who participate in these presentations. Our members continuously represent us well to the community.

Thank The Lord for the safe return of our members who were on vacations. The world out there is not always a safe place for those of us who travel on two (3) wheels.

The Third Annual Wounded Vet Run is very special for us this year. This year’s Honoree is our own Post Commander and Rider member Jeremy Ehart. The ride takes place June 24 starting at our Post.

Ride safe and “Keep the Shiny Side Up”.

June Newsletter Notes

Busy month, we have something going every weekend in June.  So please watch your emails on the upcoming events including The Kansas Legacy Run which will stop in South Hutchinson on June 11, 2017

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